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    Flowminder is the first and only PMS and period reminder app exclusively designed for those who need the warning the most: Men (& lesbians).

    Anyone with a woman in his life knows that a single event comes up regularly every month that would be beneficial to remember, but is usually overlooked or forgotten with busy work/life schedules: a women's menstrual period ("The Flow") and more importantly, the days leading up to it. There are countless apps for woman enabling them to keep track of their Flow in a calendar, automatically predict an upcoming Flow, estimate ovulation days, track moods, etc.

    However, as every man knows, this event does not just effect women but can greatly effect the people around them.

    And yet every month men forget and are not prepared or on the lookout when a little strategy and preparation can help.

    Flowminder is a simple and straightforward app that reminds when the time of the month is approaching so they could take the appropriate defensive steps, behave appropriately and avoid unnecessary fights:

    * Press a button at the start of the first period. Flowminder logs the date and calculates the average of your past 3 months' menstrual cycles to predict the start date of the next period.
    * Set push notification reminders for 1-5 day(s) before the period and PMS and fertility.
    * Take daily notes and choose mood emoticons to build a useful dossier for predicting future monthly events / moods.
    * View current and future predicted dates for the period ("No Action Zone"), PMS ("Danger Zone"), ovulation and fertile days ("Daddy Zone") as well as past moods and notes, all in a simple calendar.
    * Sound smarter around friends and family with the "Flow" quote of the day
    * Send Flowminder provided or user-customized SMS texts:

    "how do you feel?"
    "miss you"
    "love you"
    "Ill take the kids out tomorrow morning so you can sleep in"
    "Should I pick up some ice cream?"
    "Been meaning to ask you...have you lost weight?"

    Flowminder, Never Flowget Again.

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