FOBO Tag 2




    Download this app to use FOBO Max and FOBO Tag for phones with Android 4.30 & above. FOBO Tag works best with Samsung phones with Bluetooth 4.0. This app may encounter some unforeseen bugs with other phone models.

    NOTE: Please look out for "FOBO Tag works best with Samsung Galaxy S4 & Note3.." on the box label to ensure Android compatibility. All FOBO Max are Android compatible.

    NOTE: For ANGELs, please download this app and sign in. You are ready to help other people locate their lost belongings or loved ones.

    Users with Android 4.03 & above can download this app to use SOS.ME free feature (to trigger for help or to be helper for their loved ones).

    Latest features:
    - WebSearchME using crowdsearching to locate lost tags with GPS location anywhere in the world. NOTE: This is only available with FOBO Max and not available with FOBO Tag.
    - Angel mode where you can help other people locate lost tags by just downloading & sign-in.

    - Able to pair with multiple tags (up to 10 tags)
    - RemindME for alerts when tag left behind
    - SafeZone will filter unnecessary alerts when tag is in safe area, eg. at home or in office
    - Don'tMoveME will trigger phone alert when tag is being moved
    - FindME to help user find the tag within vicinity. If tag is not in vicinity, FindME screen will show map of last location where tag was disconnected from phone
    - PromptME will alert when tag arrive within Bluetooth range
    - SOS.ME to trigger an SOS alert with GPS location to a list of people who cares for you. Help will arrive at the location where you need them.

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