Friends Of RO




    Our goal is to provide you with the information needed to assist you in finding your niche of service within our organization. Thank you for your support!

    ROFW exists to empower women, men and young people to make
    physical, emotional and spiritual choices that affirm life and health.

    The fulfillment of our mission depends on three components:

    • Prevention through abstinence counsel and education

    • Point of decision counsel and medical services

    • Post-abortion healing

    We are guided by four key virtues:

    • Credibility (capable of being believed, trustworthy) - We speak truth to clients, donors and the public.

    • Perseverance (persistence in an undertaking) - We will persist in pursuing our mission despite the difficulty.

    • Creativity (investing with a new form) - We are free to think and act outside of convention in order to achieve our mission.

    • Compassion (sympathetic consciousness of