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    From Good To Excellence guide contains 6 steps towards enlightenment transcendence to create amazing results.

    You know why most people have a tendency to not achieve the success they desire in life and business? It's because they don't know it is more important today than ever to gain the skills of self mastery.

    Our times are hard and we have to do all we can do to ease some tension as well.

    Inside this guide you will learn:

    * Calming The Mind!

    * Jhanas

    * Being Aware Of The Body.

    * Being Aware Of Feelings.

    * Being Mind Aware

    * Being Aware Of Truths.

    People who struggle in life, success, and enlightenment will find these things in common:

    * They don't know how about calming the mind.

    * They have no idea how to be aware of the body!

    * They are struggling with being mind aware.

    * They also don't understand how to be aware of truths.

    * Many more problems untold

    If you want to skyrocket your success and go from good to excellence you need to be able to get know how to achieve enlightenment.

    You can have a better life and success if learn the 6 steps towards enlightenment transcendence.

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