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    Galaxy Tarot Pro's review

    Published: 2015-02-26, by .

    One of the only full digital tarot decks out there, you can use this deck from anywhere.

    • Full deck
    • Easy to learn
    • Beginners and advanced
    • Rarely crashes

    "The Tarot Deck You've Been Waiting For"


    The Galaxy Tarot app gives you a full deck of the classic cards by A.E. Waite and P.C. Smith. You can utilize five different spreads for free, and have the option to purchase more. With a Tarot encyclopedia, even a beginner can learn how to read the cards and gain insight into their thoughts and actions.


    A full deck with multiple spreads, the Galaxy Tarot is easy to use and easy to learn.


    Some people report crashing and the need to reinstall. Most do not experience these issues.

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    by Molly

    Feb 26, 2015


    Imagine...connecting with your inner wisdom
    and finding crystal clear answers,
    a comforted heart, and a calm mind.

    Imagine doing that instantly, any time, any place.

    Welcome to Galaxy Tarot. An Oracle for the 21st Century.

    *** Award-Winning Tarot Card Reader & Tarot Encyclopedia ***

    Pull Tarot cards, do your own Tarot readings and learn all about Tarot Cards!

    Whether you're brand new to Tarot cards or an experienced professional, Galaxy Tarot is made to guide and delight you!


    - gorgeous images from the classic 1909 Tarot deck like you've never seen them before. looks beautiful on phones and tablets.

    - Seven stunning application themes, featuring high definition backgrounds and interchangeable card backs.

    - Card of the Day widget and notification

    - share images, cards and readings using Facebook, Instagram, Evernote, Dropbox, email, and more

    - ad free


    - 26 spreads to choose from. Tarot spreads for most of life's questions.

    - interpretations from Galaxy Tone and A.E. Waite's "Pictorial Key to the Tarot"

    - reversed card option including reversed keywords and interpretations

    - add your own card meaning notes to each card

    - unique spread analyzer that helps you understand the patterns in your reading

    - option to select cards to place in your spreads


    - Journal to save your readings and personal notes

    - Card of the Day journal including optional autosave

    - Journal statistics show patterns in your readings


    - encyclopedia of tarot card correspondences and attributions. includes: astrology, elements, numerology, chakras, colors, symbols, crystals, runes, iching, and more


    Whether your wondering about love, money, career, family, or just about living a more fulfilling life, Galaxy Tarot can help you!

    Basic Spreads
    - One Card
    - Past, Present, Future
    - Two Card
    - Four Card General Spread
    - Relationship
    - Celtic Cross

    Galaxy Tone Spreads
    - Truth Spread
    - The Very Bad Day Spread
    - Galaxy Spiral Spread
    - Shooting Arrow Spread
    - Week Spread
    - Galaxy Relationship Spread
    - Galaxy Horseshoe Spread

    Classic Spreads
    - What Should I Do? Spread
    - Chakras
    - Houses of Astrology
    - Horseshoe Spread
    - Qabalistic Tree of Life
    - Reflection on the Year
    - World Tree
    - Element Spread
    - Choice Spread
    - Story Spread

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