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    The aarti is a form of worship, and is one of the most prominent rituals in the Sanatan Dharma. The aarti is performed by gently waving lighted wicks, soaked in ghee candle before the murti of Bhagwan, together with the ringing of the bell, the beating of drums, and a song that praises Him. The flame is held either in both hands or in the right hand and gently waved around the Murti of Bhagwan. The flame is waved in a clockwise direction: first, it is waved around Bhagwan’s feet four times, then the belly twice, then the face once, and then seven times around the entire body. Once the aarti is complete, a conch shell is used to offer water to the flame. At times, flowers, drum beats, dhoop (incense) and kapoor (camphor) are also used. The flame is then offered to Bhagwan, and then to others.

    Following are the benefits of listening to Devotional Music and Mantras:

    * Unveils joy
    * Transforms feelings and energy states
    * Decreases feelings of isolation and fear
    * Inspires and enhances the creative process
    * Directs the mind away from physical pain and depression
    * Promotes relaxation and contemplative mind states
    * Induces sleep
    * Remembrance of God and the Divine

    Listen to Devotional Music everyday to experience richness of spirit and core spirituality.

    App Features:

    - English lyrics
    - Devanagari lyrics with zoom-in and zoom-out functionality for better readability
    - The high quality vocal sound with flexibility to play, pause or stop anytime
    - Set Mantra as Ringtone
    - Set the Mantra as an Everyday Alarm
    - Repeat mode to play the same mantra continuously.
    - The application is installed on SD card by default, hence no overhead on phone memory
    - You can share the Mantra with your Family and Friends
    - Mantra automatically pauses while you attend a call and resumes when the call ends
    - Mantra does not stops even if orientation of device changed
    - Screen stay awake if the mantra is playing
    - Background mode enabled

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