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    Gardenate's review

    Published: 2015-05-18, by .

    Track your plantings, get handy tips, and decide which crops to plant next

    • Simple design
    • Easy to navigate
    • Lots of useful tips
    • Diary function
    • Reminders
    • Region specific calendar
    • Full-screen ads

    "Your garden's best mate"


    Gardenate is a brilliant tool for helping you stay on top of your planting, particularly if you have a large plot. It has a wide array of information about vegetables, plants and fruits, including best planting conditions, locations, planting season, harvest times, compatible plants, and more.

    Simple to navigate, and with lots of features to help you keep track of your own plantings.


    Gardenate is very easy and intuitive to navigate by tabbing across the menu items at the top of the screen. Upon launching, you must choose your region, and opt for imperial or metric measurements.

    In your 'Wishlist', you can add intended plantings and include notes on where you plan on planting and the date, then set a reminder so you buy and bury your seedlings on time. 'Planting Now' is tells you which species you should be burying now according to your climate.

    In 'My Garden' you can track your plantings day to day, record locations, and set a harvest date, and there's also a diary where you can upload photos, make notes, and send documents to print as PDFs.


    The planting calendars included are specific to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, and the USA only. The full-screen ads which pop up are a bit irritating and inhibitive too.

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    by Jayne , Appszoom

    May 18, 2015


    All the information you need to "grow your own" and enjoy your successful vegetable garden. Record your planting information and keep it synced on all your phones!

    * Winner of 2012 Northern Inland Innovation Awards Professional Services category
    * Recommended in New York Times '10 freshest picks' for gardening apps 2012.

    The "Planting Now" calendar lists the vegetables and herbs you can plant every month, and adapts to your preferred planting dates - ideal if you use a greenhouse or cloche.

    Use the 'Wish List' to plan your garden and record your seed and seedling purchases ready for planting.

    Contains a detailed guide to growing 90+ of the most popular garden vegetables, with local planting information for the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK.

    Plant lists for planning your garden, detailed growing information on plants, and hints and tips from the community at

    All the information is on your phone and there is no need for an wifi connection while using the app, except if you choose to sync to your other phones!

    Features include:
    * Local planting calendar for 90+ of the most popular garden vegetables, herbs, and soft fruits.
    * Wish list for planning your garden and tracking your seed purchases.
    * Add your own plants
    * Add your own notes to any plants to record the best varieties and successes and failures.
    * Use 'My Garden' to track your plantings, with the predicted harvest dates to assist in your garden planning. Add notes and photos.
    * General diary notes with photos and Markdown text formatting.
    * Print out planting and diary notes or save or email as PDF.
    * "Share your garden" will sync your plantings and notes with your other phones and tablets, Android and iOS.

    Our app uses the 'Identity' permission to create an account so you can (optionally) share your garden with your other phones and tablets. It doesn't read any other accounts. It uses the 'Photos/Medias/Files' permission so you can take photos in the app and attach them to your notes and planting details. It doesn't access any other files.

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    Users comments for Gardenate

    Daryl Walter

    by Daryl Walter

    Nov 08, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Great app. Includes climate zone setting, planting guide by month also Crop rotation and companion planting hints.

    Melanie Marsh

    by Melanie Marsh

    Oct 30, 2017  |  "Good"

    It is a good app and like being able to see what can be planted in a rotational system. However, i would also like to be able to record my perennials like my lemon tree etc. Not necessarily for harvesting but for fertilising reminders etc. I have most of my veggies in veggie box/crates and would like to be able to group my list by the box so i cam easily see what i have in one place.

    Dan McCort

    by Dan McCort

    Aug 08, 2017  |  "OK"

    Hasn't been updated in 2 years. Doesn't sync properly and the interface is clunky. Also when searching for any plants, even common stuff like tomatoes, nothing shows up anymore. Looks like it's been abandoned or something. Was ok a few years Nah. Uninstalling.

    Ray zx

    by Ray zx

    Jul 02, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Easy to use. The reminder on the calendar is fantastic. Thank you for making my life just that little bit easier. ?

    Kathleen Smith

    by Kathleen Smith

    Jun 24, 2017  |  "Great"

    Great but... Good because it is small, simple, easy, versatile, good value. BUT beware as SYNC is not automatic, so I will likely lose all my hard work if phone is damaged, changed or lost. I rely on my many apps to auto auto sync to Google as I am rather forgetful at times! :(

    Amanda Angell

    by Amanda Angell

    Mar 11, 2017  |  "Great"

    It'd be wonderful if the app gave me the planting reminders, but for now, I need to be signed up for the email list. Also, would like to know the plants preferred pH, rather than a general "add lime" suggestion. Reminders and a way to keep track of fertiliser applications would be awesome. Gardenate is my favourite gardening app!! :)