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    Gardening For Food Manual

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    Gardening For Food

    Gardening can enhance food security in several ways, most importantly through direct access to a diversity of nutritionally-rich food and increased purchasing power from savings on food bills and income from sales of garden products. Raising a garden for your main source of food requires a lot of work and some expense involved as well. In the end you can enjoy everything from your garden all year long by preserving them.

    This app gives you ideas on how gardening for food can only result in fruitful outcome.

    Contents of this App:

    ** Raising a garden: Main source of food.

    ** Saving seeds for next plantation.

    When gardening for food on our own, will not only produce nutritionally-rich food, but it will also be free from any harmful chemicals, which are used to make food look more enhanced artificially. It is recommended to maintain a homemade gardening diary just to keep yourself updated about the dos and don'ts of gardening. A gardening calendar outlines major gardening tasks and what flowers and vegetables to plant for each season.

    This app, better than any other gardening apps, talks about gardening for food and why it should be practiced for producing nutritionally-rich food.

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