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    Set a gesture to lock your screen. This free app Gesture Screen Unlock is a screen locker that will help you to save battery and experience a different unlock screen way. It supports to get access to message, calling and camera in a quick.


    Totally free

    Simple to use

    Different from traditional Amndroid screen locker

    Works with Android mobiles and tablets

    Shortcuts for camera, messages and callings



    Turn on/off screen lock

    Sound switch and vibration switch

    Set a gesture to unlock


    1. Turn on screen locker and set sound and vibration as we wish.

    2. Set a gesture in add gesture button

    3. Remember to choose one from your gestures.

    4. When you want to unlock the screen, just press the power key to go to locked screen

    5. There are information about date, time and battery here fot us.

    6. Input your gesture in a dialogue correctly and we could get access to such operations as go to take a picture, make a call and text a message. Or we can just choose to unlock the screen to the home screen.


    Thanks a lot for your 5-star rate. Any problem, it's better to send feedback to us to get help than low rate!

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