GG Win Horse Racing System App

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    The purpose of GG Win is to help you to manage a Martingale, or "doubling up" betting session. It will handle all the maths, all you have to do is enter the odds of the next horse, and tell the program whether you won or lost.

    People using the Martingale system very often bet on favourites, so let's say the first horse has odds of 3 to 1 on. You would enter 1 to the left of "to" and 3 to the right of "to".

    You would then click on the "Calculate Stake" button". Your stake would appear in the box to the right of the button. You then place your bet.

    If you win, simply click on the "Start New Session" and the program resets, and you can start again from the beginning.

    If you lose, click on the "No" button, and enter the odds of the next horse.


    This time, when you click the "Calculate Stake" button, the program takes into account the money you have lost during the session, and the stake is adjusted so that if your next horse wins, not only do you achieve your target winnings, but you also win your stake(s) back that you have lost during the session.

    A friend of mine recently won over £600 using this program!


    Works on QVGA (320 x 240 e.g. HTC Tattoo) screens upward.

    Tested up to Android v2.3.3.

    Easy to use - everything you need is on one screen.

    Built in help screen.

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