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    Ghost Cigarette HD

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    Real Android Magic
    Special Package 1. Ghost Cigarette.

    Ghost tobacco Apps

    Cigarettes into and out of the screen of a cell phone that mysterious magic!
    Application release the magic that can produce miraculous as tobacco cigarettes!
    With friends, or dinner and drinks in a fun trick
    Tobacco and do not need nobody composition application is all you need.
    You should rehearse a little haedu.
    Experience that the other side is how surprised!
    Actual test results can be shown completely surprised look.

    Video screen as you can do a variety of magic.

    1 Magic up on the screen of cigarettes to make them real cigarette.
    2 Throwing a cigarette, put the magic on the screen
    3 Obscure hand of tobacco on the screen next to steal magic

    These three, but the basic exercises and directing further
    Variety of magic. Where even a little practice if you
    Is a wonderful tobacco that can surprise the magic unfold.
    Lecture is included within the application.
    Thank you.

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