Ghost Hunters Multi-Meter 5in1




    New Ghost Hunters Multi-Meter 5 in 1 tool. Paranormal research tool.

    From the creator of the famous "SV-1 SpiritVox" and "Spirit Lights Ghost Detector" comes the ultimate Android app for paranormal investigators and Ghost Hunters!

    5 tools in 1! The Multi-Meter is based on the famous "Mel Meter" hardware device and includes even more features for a fraction of the price. You will always have a portable investigation tool in your pocket!

    Monitor EMF fields, ambient temperature, take photos, record audio and use as a flashlight!

    No other app on the market includes all these incredibly useful investigation tools in one package. To get all these features you would need to purchase at least 5 different apps!

    1.) EMF Field Sensor. Uses your Android device's built in Magnetic field reader to accurately measure your surroundings EMF fields.

    2.) Ambient Temperature Sensor*. Uses your devices built in temp sensor (if available on your device) to monitor the ambient Temperature. Great for catching those cold spots!

    3.) Camera function. Take a quick picture with the press of a button using Androids camera app without closing the app, it stays running in the background and will take photos even while recording audio! You will always have a camera ready to go!

    4.) Audio Recording. High quality 44.1 bit rate .wav format recording and wav form display on playback for EVP sessions. All saved to SD card for review. New audio file is created when "pause" is pressed, next file begins on "record" press.

    5.) LED Torch Flashlight*. Pressing your devices menu button turns your LED flash into a bright flashlight! (not available on all devices, but should be on most)

    All photos and Audio files are saved on your SD card in the /sdcard/multi-meter folder. Photos and audio are time/date stamped. Example: /sdcard/multi-meter/2012.08.14_10.23.wav

    *feature not available on all devices, but most devices should support at least 4 out of 5. Please do not rate low if your LED does not support Torch mode or if you have no temp sensor. I cannot control what hardware is included on your device.

    To check what sensors are available before you purchase you can download "Android Sensor Box" for free: this will show available sensors on your device, plus it's fun to play with. to check if your device supports torch mode you can download for free (ad-supported) also a fun app with lots of other features.

    PLEASE NOTE: LED torch on/off button will appear in different locations depending on your Android version. Jelly Bean will display torch option in upper right, earlier versions of android will access torch on/off by pressing your devices "Menu" button. Function is exactly the same.

    If you have ANY questions or problems please email me, I am easy to reach and will do my best to help correct any issues. I cannot reply to reviews/comments. If I cannot I am happy to offer a full refund. I support my apps 100% and am always here for my users. I want it to be a trustworthy tool in your ghost hunts.

    As with all of my Ghost Hunting apps please be aware that RESULTS MAY VARY. Neither myself nor anyone else can guarantee contact with ghost, demons, aliens or your deceased grandmother. But I can offer you a great tool to catch the evidence should activity present itself. Please don't rate the app low if you don't get an EVP right away, catch a ghost on cam or if your sensors are not supported.

    When Ghost Hunting always use common sense and BE SAFE! Never trespass or damage private property, always try to get permission to investigate.

    Follow me on Twitter: @spiritvoxapp it's a great way to reach me for support or with questions. Also I encourage you to send me any evidence you capture using my apps!

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