Good Eggs: Free Egg Timer




    An easy-to-use egg timer that provides everything you need for perfect eggs, every time.

    Good Eggs is optimized for both phones and tablets, supporting the smallest to the largest screens.

    This free version features:

    * Clean and simple interface.
    * Fully customizable settings with graphical support to help you cook your eggs how YOU want them.
    * Control desired hardness, egg size, egg temperature and altitude.
    * Multiple images to help simplify egg controls.
    * 10 ticking and alarm sounds to choose between, or choose no sound at all.
    * Full cooking instructions.
    * Supports both metric and imperial/US measurement systems.
    * Over 20 cooking and preparation hints and tips.
    * Over 50 fun and interesting facts about eggs and chickens, to keep you amused while waiting for your eggs to cook!

    After you try, you can upgrade to the Pro version:

    * Completely ad-free.
    * Requires no special permissions.
    *Seven additional alarms and sounds.
    * Even more facts and tips.
    Pro version can be found here:

    Tested and working on:
    * Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    * Google Nexus 7
    * Asus Transformer Prime TF201
    * Huawei Ideos U8150
    * Gadmei T860 (8" tablet)

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