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    By using a GPS function, you can record the movement history.
    A certain period of time (more than 5 minutes) If you were in the same place,
    it will be recorded as the stay position.
    Stay location of the address, the name is automatically retrieved from the Internet.
    Moving path on the map, moving distance, stay position (name, address, residence time)
    You can be confirmed.
    In addition, You can also confirm destination in the time axis as the scheduler.

    How to use
    -GPS start recording how the data -
    + You press the "REC" button on the calendar screen in the action bar.
    (If the button is not, requires manual record settings in the app settings)
    + The automatic recording by the timer.
    (You must have set the timer record in the app settings)
    + You press the recording start button from the widget.

    - View by recording data -
    + In the calendar screen, select the day you want to view,
    and press the "Moved Map" button or "Time Table" button on the action bar.
    + You press the "Moved Map" button or "Time Table" button from the widget.

    - Calendar -
    + Check the recorded day the movement history, you can choose.
    + You can start of the record, and stop. (If manual record is selected in the settings)
    + You can display the "Moved Map", "Time Table" of the selected date.
    + You can setting the app from the menu.

    - Moved Map -
    + Display the movement path and place of stay on the map.
    + You can change the movement position by Slider, frame advance and screen touch.
    + You can check the name ,address, stay time when you click a stay marker.
    + You can manage with the name of place to stay.
    + You can measure the distance between you specified.
    + You can save map image, and share.
    + You can be changed the map display settings from the navigation drawer.

    - Time Table -
    + You can confirm the place of stay and residence time in the time axis.
    + You can save the comment on each place to stay.
    + You can manage with the name of place to stay.
    + You can copy the name and address by Long tap.
    (Only tables that are selection, and opened.)
    + Scaling of the time axis is possible by the Pitch-in, pitch-out, double tap.

    - Settings -
    + You can set the recording method of the GPS.(Manual record, timer record)
    + You can set the destination of your data, and retention period.
    + You can set the GPS of updates conditions.
    Update interval is a significant impact on battery consumption.
    GPS of update characteristics are different depending on the model.
    Set value is confirmed by GPS Performance,
    or use the standard setting.
    + You can set the start, end time of the Time Table.
    + You can set the display of app to the notification area.
    (When the storage usage is equal to or greater than 80%, it will display a warning.)
    + You can set the unit system of the distance in either km or mi.
    + You can check the application version information.

    - Widget -
    + You can start of the manual recording, and stop.
    + You can start the app.
    + You can boot directly to the Moved Map screen.
    + You can boot directly to the Time Table screen.
    + Depending on the model, you can change the size of the widget.

    + Position accuracy is within indoor 30m, within outdoor 15m.
    Position information in indoor uses the network location information.
    If the position data can not be retrieved for a long time, please restart the model.
    + Stay position will be roughly the address.
    + In places where GPS or Wifi is not available, can not be recorded movement history.
    + External SD is a case that is under to access restrictions depending on the model.
    In that case, please save to internal SD.

    Supported OS version
    Ver 3.2 or more

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