Group Manager




    This application is aimed at the organizers of clubs, societies and other types of groups. It allows you to track attendance and identify which meetings and gatherings have been poorly attended. You can also create and review meeting agendas.

    Group Manager is a standalone application: all records are stored on your phone and you do not need to register with any website.

    Group Manager allows you to:
    - Create group members from phone contacts or by manually entering names
    - Link group members with any number of contacts on your device (such as their parents in the case of minors).
    - Send SMS messages to the group members (or their parents)
    - Record the attendance of members
    - Review attendance of members between specified dates
    - Review session attendance
    - Plan and review meetings
    - Backup and restore records
    - Export your records as CSV files so that they can analyzed in a spreadsheet application such as Excel or LibreOffice Calc

    If you need to manage multiple groups you may find another one of our apps, 'Group Manager Plus', is more suitable. This is also available on Google Play.

    Please note that some devices restrict the number of recipients of an SMS message. For this reason we recommend installing a 3rd party SMS app. Examples of free SMS apps that do not have this limitation are Go SMS Pro, Handcent SMS and Pansi SMS.

    If you have any ideas on how Group Manager can be improved or extended please e-mail us. Bug reports are also welcome.

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