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    Published: 2012-01-25, by .

    Guard my angel follows the person's trip from the moment they start and send you detailed info about them

    • Excellent idea
    • Helpful
    • Works well and quick
    • Map location
    • Maybe in future updates, the possibility of sending messages could be allowed

    "Someone watch over me"

    Guard My Angel is a safety app that accompanies you everywhere you go and notifies your family and friends with the information they need to help you in case you're in trouble.

    It's actually pretty simple to make it work: just select the time you will supposedly out or doing something (e.g 30 minutes) and then click on Guard My Angel. If it's the first time you use it, you will first have to check your settings and select the preferred options.

    The app can send SMS, mails, post on Facebook wall to the people you've selected and send them information about your location and the trip you did since the point where you pressed the button. If you have any problems, simply press SOS and the help message will be sent immediately to your contacts.

    This is an extremely useful app that can be used with the elderly or even kids who are by themselves. The main advantage is that it's really simple to use, works well and sends detailed information about the person's location. A good idea that became a great application.

    Guard My Angel are the developers of the application with the same name, a great tool for taking care of people and watching over your beloved ones. If you have family to take care of, this is really recommendable.

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    Jan 25, 2012


    ‘Guard My Angel’ is a free mobile Personal safety app.
    The service watches over you without compromising your privacy, and identifies emergency situations by manual and automatic triggers.

    Whether you are walking home alone, going out for sport activities, getting in a cab or driving home while tired, 'Guard My Angel' accompanies you and in the case of an emergency will it notify your family and friends with the information they need to help you.
    The notification can be sent over Facebook, Text Message, and Email, and includes a link to a Google map with location information about the user's whereabouts from the time the service was activated.

    Before the user goes out, they set a timer for approximately how long the activity should take.In the event that the user is unable to press the I’m OK button, or if the user hits the SOS button, or if an accident force is detected, then an automatic notification would go out to all of the previously identified trusted contacts.

    Service Highlights:
    - Globally enabled: The service enabled around the globe with complimentary International SMS support.
    - Reliable: All notification are sent from our secured servers, and will be sent even if the phone was damaged or taken from you.
    - Low battery consumption: We monitor the location periodically for minimal battery consumption.
    - Works indoors and outdoors: It is highly recommended to enable both GPS and Network location providers for proper functionality indoors and outdoors.
    - Detailed emergency information: The notified contacts will receive indication that you may need help with a link to a map. The link can be opened by any device that is capable of showing ’Google Maps’ . The map is updated periodically with any new information received from the mobile device.
    - Privacy: We do not disclose your location information unless you reach a potential emergency situation. We delete all records of the location information from our servers after 24 hours. We may gather statistical and anonymous information in the future – but we are committed to delete all trip records form our server periodically (after 24 hours).
    - FREE: We encourage you all to use the service for free on a regular basis
    - Accessibility support for blind and visually impaired people

    Here is a brief explanation about the requested user permissions:
    Required so we can provide your contacts a map with your route in the case of an emergency. Of course we dont disclose this information to anyone unless you reach an emergency situation. We delete this information completely after 24 hours from our servers.

    We require this to send the information we collect from your device to our servers. In case of an emergency we send a notification from our servers and not your device to provide a reliable service (so even if your phone breaks your contacts will still get a notification).

    We ask permission to read your contacts so you will be able to add contacts from your address book to your notification list and not add them manually.

    There are 2 reasons for this permission:
    1. We need to determine your locality (the language the phone is set to, and your country code) so we can send adjust automatically your local number for global use from our servers around the world.
    2. We save you the need to enter information about yourself (name/phone) in order to identify you to your contacts.

    This is a very important permission that allows us to collect your location even when the device is in sleep mode. This happens for example when you are not using your phone and screen is off. Without this permission we wouldnt be able to get your complete trip information.
    Your contacts may get partial information about your location and will not be able to give you the help you need.

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