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    Guide to Antique Collection

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    **You have to fight against being an antique.**

    An antique is a work of art, including a piece of furniture, a decorative object which, according to some experts must be at least 100 years old. The value of an antique depends upon certain parameters including its authenticity, beauty, age, rarity and condition. Traditionally speaking, an antique also means objects preceding the the mass production of objects in the 1830's; It can also include anything very old, a relic or an object of ancient times or the bygone era.

    ** In this App you will lot of information on ** Guide To Antique Collecting **

    ** Why people take interest in Antique ? Is it a hobby ? or passion ?

    ** How to have a high valued antique or to have correct antique value at purchase.

    ** People love to collect antique guns, antique cars, antique camera, antique furniture , antique bottles, antique clock, antique cars collection antique roadshow here is the tip to have more with the proper tips

    ** If one is thinking of opening antique shops, or a antique room then this is the best app to be read up once.

    ** To be a collector of antique one should have good guide with him antique guide this is it.

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