Guided Meditation Connect With Your Higher Self

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    Guided Meditation Connect With Your Higher Self

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    What do you think your life would be like if you could connect fully to the wisdom of your Higher-Self?

    Do you want to be MORE Intuitive?
    More INSPIRED?
    Do you want to Find SOLUTIONS to the obstacles and difficulties that are currently blocking your DREAMS and aspirations?

    If so, then get ready to take a relaxing and healing journey and meet with your Higher Self and other guides.

    What is Your Higher-Self?
    Your Higher-Self, is your MULTI-DIMENSIONAL SPIRIT, an ascended master and is the BEST VERSION of YOU that you can be and have been. Your Higher-Self knows all the SOLUTIONS to the difficulties and challenges that you face and also knows your TRUE POTENTIAL. He or She has already achieved any GOOD THING, that you have ever wanted to achieve.

    Your Higher-Self has overcome any obstacle you have yet to overcome. Who wouldn't want to have a fuller and better connection to their Higher-Self?

    Introduction to the audio
    This audio is a creative visualization exercise, accompanied by natural healing sounds and my voice guiding you through an incredible journey.

    This audio mp3 will guide you through a journey to access your higher-self guidance, some people call this their inner wise person or inner-teacher It also appears as your In-Tuition and In-Spirit-Ation When I have done this exercise in my group workshops, people have found this journey incredible For example one guy was told by his higher-self a date when he would meet with his soul-mate.

    Please note: This is not a hypnosis audio, you are in control and conscious of your thoughts, feelings and experiences. However because it is an exercise involving relaxation and visualization you should not drive or operate machinery whilst listening to this audio.

    One of the times that we are best able to access our inner-teacher or intuition is when we are dreaming or day-dreaming. Have you ever had the experience when you didn't know the solution to a difficulty or what decision to make and so you decided to sleep on it to find that when you woke up, you had a better idea about what you wanted or needed to do.

    This is because our dreams enable us to access thoughts and ideas that our logical thinking pushes away. In many of our dreams we are able to access our higher-self. Very often on waking, dreams do not make logical or practical sense but they do give us a sense of how we feel and what we need to do.

    Creative visualization is a form of relaxed and imaginative thinking it is a bit like choosing to dream about something and knowing that you are dreaming It is not the same as hypnosis which uses suggestion. It is different from dreaming in that you are not asleep, you are fully awake.

    Because you are taking this guided visualization whilst awake you are able to connect fully to your Higher-Self.

    What do you think your life would be like if you could connect fully to the wisdom of your Higher-Self?

    How would you be able to transform your own life and the lives of others to?


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