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    Happy Measure – The no-cost roomplanner app with Augmented Reality and 3D

    Happy Measure is a new zero cost and advertisement free App that helps you with room planning for interior decoration and interior design.

    With Happy Measure you can measure and easily create 3D models of everything in your home, from sofas, chairs, tables, cupboards to glass cabinets or other furniture and place them virtually anywhere using our unique augmented reality and 3D modeling techiniques.

    Measuring things with a meter tape or a ruler scale is technology of yesterday. All you do today is print out our marker (A4 size found at :
    and the US-Letter size at: ) and place it besides the object and Happy measure automatically digitizes it as a 3D model within the App. Finally you place the marker at your preferred spot and your display will visualize that object virtually placed at that spot for your perusal. The app is your measuring tape and personal room-planner - do your interior design by yourself.

    ### Your use-case scenarios

    1. The furniture shop visit
    I do like this sofa. But so many other sofas are also just as beautiful. But do they fit the style of the rest of the apartment's furniture? . Ease your decision making. Instead of the IKEA measuring tape or you power of imagination, you can take your favorite sofas (or other furniture you find in the Ikea store) virtually to your other furniture at home and place and move them about easily with all the time and peace of mind to make a decision using Happy Measure.

    2. Helping your friend move.
    Your best friend is moving apartments. But does his furniture fit as needed in his new apartment? You can heed your calling as an innovator: get interior design expert by using the App to measure and model all his furniture beforehand and placing these furniture virtually in his new apartment to check if they fit between the other furniture.

    3. at the antiquary
    You pass an antique store and see a beautiful old bedside table. Would it fit your bedroom furniture? How would it match to the interior design of your bedroom? You take a photo of the bedside table and go home. Together with your partner you plan the new bedroom furniture layout.

    ### Keywords
    Furniture model, 3D model, Room planner, Interior decoration, Augmented Reality.

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