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Have A Happy Marriage

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    Have A Happy Marriage

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    Whether you are trying to rekindle the spark, reconnect, or looking for a way to save your marriage and start over this 31 Day Program can help.

    About this Product:

    Imagine turning the key to your car, and it doesn't turn on. You look under the hood, and see a maze of wires, tubes and components but are unsure exactly why it’s not starting. You know that "something" inside is broken but figuring out exactly what and how to fix it to get the car working again is beyond many of us…The same is true for our marriage problems. Whether that one component is feeling understood, accepted, loved, appreciated, beautiful, respected, supported, heard, desired or another component, if even one piece is broken, often our marriage will not work. When we know what pieces are broken and how to get them working again, we then know how to create and maintain a happy marriage. This program covers each component, covering one piece each day until at the end of the 31 day program we have a good understanding of what a strong marriage looks like and how to create one of our own.

    Program Description:

    This 31 Day Program shows us how often where we are in a marriage can change, from:
    -when we first fall in love and marry and are in an excited and hopeful place to
    -a place where we don’t feel as close as we first did, as the romance fades to
    -a place where we feel hurt unappreciated, uncared for and distant and uncertain to
    -a place where we wonder if we just picked the wrong one and should end the marriage
    This program walks us through day by day, how to get back to where we want to be in our marriage. Each day, focuses on one topic, with each audio track lasting on average about 25 minutes.

    Program Features:

    The program is written and narrated to make the material interesting, engaging to the listener and provides:
    - Coverage of key concepts, to include: connection, acceptance, money, communication, conflict management, the impact of children, the danger of parallel lives, appreciation, forgiveness, how gender differences affect our marriage, commitment, how we experience love, unconditional love and more.
    - Clear and actionable suggestions on how to apply what is learned for each day
    - A notes section is provided to capture personal reflections and thoughts at the end of each day.
    - Nearly 14hrs of narrated content (25 min each day focused on one topic)
    - Entertaining background music that can be turned on and off based on user preference


    “So much of what I heard hit the hammer right on the head. It really helped me to see where I went wrong, where we went wrong in so many areas and helped give me the guidance and help I needed to get things back on track. I was able to listen to it while working on the house and even on the job. I’m able to handle things now in a much better way now. “
    “I didn’t expect it to really make a big difference, I’ve been struggling in my marriage for years. The same arguments, etc. but it really did. I recommend it for anyone that is struggling right now in their marriage and is looking for answers like I was. “

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