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    This Talisman is not a toy, but specially designed, real Rune Magical Talisman for Heal, Energy and Strength.
    First rune is Tiwaz. Tiwaz mobilizes all forces of the body to defeat diseases targeting our energies in the most correct place, just as the arrow or spear symbolized by the rune. The second rune - Sowilo (or the Sun Rune ) - increases the spiritual will and optimal health. Third rune - Uruz ( "The Bull" ) - is best known as a rune of healing, since it draws life-force from all the realms and brings it into being. It maintains the health and strength.
    The Magick has a rule: you are required to gives something valuable in order to gain benefit of Magick. The more you give, the better it works!

    To run the HealRuneTalisman widget select it from the Widgets menu on your Home screen.

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