Healthy Water Drinking

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    Healthy Water Drinking

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    To make our body fitness, we should drink enough water in a day. Water is the most important part in our body. It can enhance resistance of our body and leave far from weakness! Drink too much water or too little are all bad things for us. To keep healthy and keep enough water ADI, you should have an app---Healthy Water Drinking! It can give you a suggestion daily water amount and help you record how much water you drink a day and even a month. With the help of this free app, you can keep your body more health and also get some hydration facts about water.

    Healthy Water Drinking can only only be used to record and alarm water drinking but also help you control the babies eating amount! If you have babies around you, this free app will take another important role in your life. As we all know, a baby could not eat too much or too little. There is a food amount for them. You may have a scientific amount in mind. With the help of this application, you can record how much milk the baby has drink and how much left of one day.

    There are many shortcut buttons on home page. You can press to record the water/milk amount directly. Of course, how much amount the button corresponding can be set by yourself. In addition to setting buttons, you can also give it a reminder sound/music. It can remind you throughout the day to drink water. If you do not like making a sound, you can let the screen blink LED after interval expires or set a vibrate as you like.

    1. Set a target water amount. It will give you a suggestion amount!
    2. Press buttons to add/input how much water you drink this time.
    3. It will tell you how much you should drink in following time of this day and how much you have over the target amount.
    4. If you forget input the water/milk amount, you can input with +N oz button, it supports you set the drink time.
    5. Press MENU button
    - Search the history dinking (drink time and amount).
    - Get the hydration facts.
    - Setting the buttons and also the reminder music sound or light.
    6. You can unlock the screen light. If you active with setting button, it will keep the screen on.
    7. ABOUT button help you download video player, cute girl game or other free apps to your mobile phone.

    Healthy Water Drinking will be your best tool to take care your baby well and keep you in a health condition. Download it to your mobile phone, it will become your best life assistant.
    If you have any questions, please send me email or make comments on Google Play website. With SUPPLY button, you can enter downloading page directly. Please do not forget offer five stars after install.

    Some Hydration Facts offered you:
    Eight -ounce glasses of water is the recommended amount per day. More water may be necessary if one exercises or sweats heavily.
    Water increases metabolism
    85% of the brain is water, being hydrated properly helps decrease stress.
    Water helps keep joints lubricated......
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