Hide My Boyfriend

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    Ladies, we promised you that we'll develop an app for you, here it is!
    Privacy is your prime right. Earn it right now!

    PRIVACY & SECURITY - These two have emerged as two of the most fundamental NEEDS of the gals who HAVE BOYFRIEND.

    Why PRIVACY?
    If you have a boyfriend, you and your mobile are constantly watched by your friends and relatives. You need a PRIVATE BOX where you can practically store all the data of your boyfriend, be it his photos or videos, files or SMS, call logs.

    At the same time you need a secure channel with which you can communicate with him so that you leave no trace of having communicated with your significant other.

    To address this need of the time, we have come up with HIDE MY BOYFRIEND App.
    This app significantly reduces the risk of anyone getting his hands on the important data you have of your BF in your mobile.
    It also makes your life easier as you don't have to worry about security and privacy while communicating with your boyfriend.

    Features in a nutshell -

    --Hide his SMS / text messages
    --Hide call logs
    --Block call / hang up
    --Block call and send auto text
    --Hide photos
    --Hide videos
    --Hide audio files
    --Hide files (any kind of file e.g. txt, word)
    --Backup functionality provided
    --Highly customizable app
    --Beautiful interface

    THERE IS MORE. The app is DISGUISED as CANDLE APP which in itself is a fully featured app. When you open the app, you'll see a candle, tap at tip of the candle and the flame will be put on. Blow into the mic to put off the flame. Press MENU button to change color of the candle, to adjust mic (blow) sensitivity. You can show off this disguise to people. It's too beautiful to face suspicion that any privacy app is hidden behind this. It's a marvelous decoy.

    Tap on the NAME "Candle App" four times, and you'll be asked for the password. After putting correct password you will get into the real app. For the first time use, you'll be asked to create password.

    Yes, this app has dual security - disguise and password protection!

    How can I hide my boyfriend's photos/videos/files?
    Go to default file manager app, select all his photos / videos / files that you want to hide, click menu -> share/send -> Candle App. That's it. Now you'll find these files in respective folders hidden within our app.

    Can I hide more than one boyfriend?
    Yes, absolutely!

    We are in process of adding more awesome features in the app, your suggestions are welcome.
    If you have any issue/doubt with the app, drop us a mail at
    (Don't put any stupid comments, it won't help us solve the issue for you)

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