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    Various factors are considered while finding auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates. It is quite tedious process and one should use this app to understand how marriage dates are calculated. This app will clarify what factors are considered and what factors are left while calculating Vivah Muhurats.

    According to astrology, there are certain phases or periods which are not considered auspicious to perform marriage rituals. These phases are : displacement of Venus and Jupiter, Solar or Lunar eclipse, Pitra Paksha, Bhishma Panchak etc. Performing marriage ceremonies in these periods are not considered auspicious. Only auspicious dates are considered to conduct marriage in Hindu culture.

    Moon sign of the bride and groom are taken into consideration while calculating an auspicious date for marriage. Other factors such as the phases of Nakshatra in which bride and groom were born and the letter corresponding to it are also considered while calculating the date. The date of the marriage should be taken out only after matching the compatibility chart of the bride and groom.

    Out of all the possible dates calculated, one which is common according to the moon sign of the bride and groom is finalized to conduct marriage. For example : If an Aries man is getting married to a Cancer woman, then the common dates thus calculated will be auspicious for marriage. Following dates are auspicious for marriage. Dates are calculated on the basis of Moon signs. All the important factors such as, Tribal shudhi, Surya-chandra shudhi etc. are taken into consideration while calculating them.

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