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    Published: 2013-10-15, by Janel.

    Efficient, expansive inspiration for your interior design project

    • Over 1.5 million photos
    • Huge userbase provides helpful feedback
    • Intuitive
    • No ads
    • Easily searchable
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    "The Tumblr of interior design"

    For anyone with an interest in interior design, the Houzz app is absolutely indispensable. The extremely well-designed layout of this app allows efficient browsing of design elements, organized by room, object, and style. Put together your own ideabook - like a digital scrapbook - composed of the elements you like the most, with the option of adding personalized commentary so that you remember exactly which eclectic chandelier will look simply smashing in your living room.

    The really incredible thing about Houzz is the plethora of ways it offers to connect you in real life with the items you see on the screen. Photos of whole room concepts are decked out with tappable tags, leading you to check out a site where you can either make a purchase or get in contact with the designer. This can even be restricted to a local search, meaning you'll quickly focus in on what's most available to you in your area.

    It's easy to connect with other Houzz users through browsing the ideabooks of others with similar taste, checking out previous comments on rooms and objects, and browsing the forums. Need advice on table placement? The Houzz community's got your back - poll them about it, ask for new ideas, and get inspired by the projects of other users.

    There are no ads to distract you from the displays of beautiful design, and the app itself is free. If you're looking to explore what's out there in the world of interior design, Houzz is the ideal tool to have at your disposal.

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    Whether you’re building, remodeling or decorating, Houzz has you covered.

    Get the Best Design Ideas for Your Home
    - Browse more than 16 million high-resolution photos of home interiors and exteriors. Choose by style, location or room, such as kitchen or bathroom.
    - Save and share photos with friends, family and home professionals.
    - Use the Sketch feature to annotate and draw directly on photos from Houzz.

    Find, View and Buy Products for Your Home
    - Shop from more than 10 million products and materials, including vanities, cabinets, lighting, furniture, tile and more.
    - Read verified product reviews.
    - Save up to 75% off during featured sales.
    - Use Visual Match, our visual recognition technology, to discover and buy products and materials directly from photos on Houzz.
    - Wondering what that sofa would look like in your living room? Select the View in My Room 3D feature and use the camera on your Android device to see how products would look in your space.

    Find, Hire and Collaborate with the Best Home Professional for Your Project
    - Connect with over 2.1 million active home improvement professionals, including architects, general contractors, interior decorators, repair professionals and more.

    Read Articles From Our Editorial Staff and Design Experts
    - Check out our biweekly Houzz Newsletter for engaging and informative articles, including home tours, full kitchen and bathroom remodeling guides, industry news, decorating tricks, organizing guides, designing for pets, gardening advice, humor and everything in between.
    - Watch Houzz TV to see original videos of inspiring homes, how-tos and more.

    Get Advice On Your Home Project
    - Discuss home design and renovation topics in our Advice section and get feedback from the Houzz community on your projects and ideas.

    The Houzz app topped The New York Times list of “best apps for home improvement.” The Washington Post called Houzz the “single best source" for finding inspiration. CNN named it the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design.”

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