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    How to Crochet

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    Learn the basic crochet stitches and you will have a world of endless possibilities…at your fingers!
    Do you want a new scarf, or a new fashionable slouch hat? Do you want to know how to DO IT YOURSELF?
    Crocheting is not grandma’s activity any longer. With all the crochet and DIY fashion going on you will want to know how to make your own accessories and how to make your own interior design items. DIY projects are easy and fun and they can bring family and friends together, as well as offering you some peaceful time spent with yourself only. Crocheting is so versatile that everyone will love it!
    ‘nice crochet tips, really. well explained and helpful. thx!’ - Jasmin Y.
    If you want the basic crochet stitches explained (from the double stitch to the Tunisian stitch), then you’re in the right place. This app is all you need to get your fingers going on!
    With this App you will be able to make your own handmade gifts. So long the lacking of gift ideas! Hello, creativity!
    They say money does not bring happiness. And it doesn’t. Look at all the miserable rich people and you will understand. Happiness is not a new car and it is not a huge mansion in which nobody lives but you. Happiness comes with small gestures: a kiss, a gummy bear offered to you kid, a flower your husband has brought you. Happiness also comes with small gifts you offer yourself from time to time: a new purse, a key chain or anything else that brings a smile to your face. Next time you feel like spoiling yourself a bit, stop and turn around when you’re about to hand in the credit card. Instead of buying things you will hardly ever use, why don’t you make yourself something that has the warmth of your work in it? Something that has its own story? You will never want to leave your handmade purse at home. You know why? Because it is YOUR HANDS who did it!
    Learn to crochet. It is seriously the best thing you can do with little money and a lot of creativity. Not only you will never want to BUY winter accessories anymore, you will have the chance of relaxing yourself while doing something productive. Crocheting is an activity based a lot on repetition and routine, so it will help taking your mind off daily problems. Your mother-in-law might be annoying, your dog might have broken your favorite vase and your kids may be naughtier than ever. As long as you have an activity to focus on and relax, you will find solutions so much faster! Find your inner peace while making yourself a new hat or while crocheting a funky, colorful pillow case!
    Do you want to re-decorate your home? Do you want to add a bit of retro flair to it? Do you want a warm, welcoming home? Obtaining this effect with little money is simple! When it comes to home decoration and interior design ideas, everything, from bathroom ideas to living room ideas can be made even on a low budget! And the easiest way to do it is by ‘’accessorizing’’ your home with candles, crochet items and warm colors. Yes, crocheting can be a great ally in the battle between your decorating ideas and your pocket!
    Do you want to know how to crochet a flower? Do you want to know how to chain stitch, double crochet and how to add colors to your work? Then this app is the right thing for you! Learn the basics and you will master the art of crocheting in no time! Bring the fun into your house! Teach your kids how to crochet and let them make their own DIY projects! They will be thrilled to know they’ve made themselves a new blanket! Learn how to spend quality time with your family and friends! Learn how to treasure everything that is handmade! Learn how to crochet!
    Download now! Learn how to crochet and unleash your creativity!

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