Want to know tips on How To Train A Dog ? We have gathered many dog training tips here. Now you can train anything to your dog such as how to sit, fetch , lie and many more without hiring any professional dog trainer. You can do it on your house easily.

    The Secret to Dog Training Success

    Here’s the secret most dog trainers won’t tell you (some of them don’t even know it themselves): successful dog training is not about getting your dog to understand you—it’s about you understanding your dog.

    Fortunately, you’re one smart puppy yourself.

    Humans are smarter than dogs. Yep… no offense to dogs, but even the dumbest blonde you know is smarter than the smartest dog you know. That’s good news, because if you want your dog to be a good student—to learn to sit, stay, heel, come, fetch; in short, to obey your every command—you have to be a good teacher. To be a good teacher, you have to understand how your student thinks. Because you’re smart, this will be a breeze.

    All you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions provided as part of this popular dog training app. Within a few weeks, your dog will be so well trained you’ll be showing him off to all your drooling, envious friends.

    But it will require some effort on your part.

    For Dog Lovers Only

    Your dog loves to be with you. He loves to please you. That’s why he’ll be easy to train once you understand him. But if the feeling is not mutual… if the idea of spending time with your dog, training him, playing with him, loving him… does not appeal to you, this is not the app for you.

    If a dog is nothing more to you than a security system, fashion statement, or status symbol, you won’t like this training app. Please go away. Now.

    Still here? Fantastic! You’re our kind of dog-loving human!

    And don’t worry. The “effort” will be fun; the result will be a well-trained, happy dog. Guaranteed. But that’s not all. Our ultimate goal is to help you connect with your best friend in a way that will enrich your relationship for years to come.

    Our dog training app is an exciting service structured around a series of training sessions.

    As you know, learning is a life-long adventure. While you’ll have the basic training techniques mastered within a few short weeks, you and your dog will never really be “fully trained.” That’s actually a good thing—because you’ll both enjoy the process so much, neither of you will ever want to stop learning!

    Side-Effect Warning!

    We do have to warn you about a possible side effect, though: you might get tired of hearing your friends asking “How did you teach him to do that?” But if you’re willing to accept that risk, you've come to the right place.


    1) Digital signature feature
    2) Sport Scoreboard
    3) Search feature
    4) Goal Tracker
    5) Voice recording and sharing
    6) Picture Magic Effect
    7) Barcode Scanner
    8) QR Code Scanner feature
    9) Note feature
    10) Throw game
    11) Memory game
    12) Offline scanner
    13) Golf score card
    14) Offline Calendar
    15) SMS feature

    and many more to come!

    You DON'T NEED Internet connection to view info inside this app


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