Hypnosis - Alcoholism (M)

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    Hypnosis - Alcoholism (M)

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    A free relaxation-only app is available for evaluation. You can get it from the "more from this developer" option in the market, or at:

    Hypnosis is a powerful tool; It is a way of accessing the power of the subconscious, the power to change one's self. Hypnosis, properly executed with a patient who wants to succeed can help in many situations. It is not a replacement for professional medical care, but it can help motivate and affect positive change in your life.

    Use this app to unlock the power of hypnosis and help yourself stop drinking today!

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high quality voice audio and music, this is a very large app. Android sometimes has problems installing very large apps. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK for install issues if you have not done the following things:

    1) Make sure you have enough free space on your phone (both on SD and internal storage).
    2) Check your OS version. The app will only install to SD card if your OS supports it (Android 2.2 and up).
    3) Restart your phone to clear the cache before trying to install.
    4) If possible, download and install while on wifi

    App Features:

    • Trained, clear voice
    • Automatic install to SD card (if available) / move to SD
    • High audio quality
    • Proprietary audio mixer so you can adjust the volume contrast of the voice and music tracks to your liking (see screenshots).
    • Fully customizable sessions with 26,208 possible combinations.
    • Customizable relaxation and induction options to discover what works best for you.
    • Random deepenings to increase variety between sessions
    • Music tracks rotate randomly through the session to increase variety and re-playability.
    • Total audio length: about 3 hours (single full session without relaxation lasts about 50 minutes)

    A wifi connection is recommended (though not necessary) for downloading this app due to its size. (Size is due to high quality audio files).

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