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    When offering up an audio program such as this, it does tend to feel a wee bit uncomfortable - almost like taking advantage of those that need the help the most. Offering up an audio program that costs a lot of money to someone who may not be able to afford it by telling them that "you can become a millionaire too" is not something we are currently comfortable with.

    So you can have this entire audio program for FREE if you want it.

    I can remember reading ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind‘ by Joseph Murphy as a younger man, and loving his idea of your mind being like a fertile garden: Every thought you think, every belief you confirm, every reaction, response and thought process is like sowing a seed in your mind and those seeds create your reality. The aim of this audio program is to plant some good, solid, progressive seeds in your mind that can help you attain whatever it is that "wealth" means to you.

    One the biggest issues that people have in getting their mind open to wealth, is the unconscious belief that money is wrong or they are programmed to think they don’t deserve wealth or even that being wealthy means someone else is missing out. All that programming throughout a lifetime can create major barriers that we hope to deal with in this audio program.

    This is a simple step-by-step guide that anyone can use. You get everything you need each day for the duration of the program — you gather momentum, you are coached, trained, mentored, developed until you are filled with a mindset that aims to develop wealth in your own terms.

    Each day, you receive a strategic audio session, or a hypnosis session, or both. You also get homework in your Hypnotic Millionaire Mindset journal that comes with this program. This ensures that you are learning these concepts and on many varying levels and really gets them lodged in your mind which dominates your thoughts.

    Here is the rundown of the sessions you go through over the 21 days:

    -Letting go of old programming,
    -Lifting the lid on your mind,
    -Discovering any deep inner limited beliefs,
    -Blasting through obstacles of the past,
    -Beliefs of a millionaire,
    -Using on of the most powerful forces of nature to enhance prosperity,
    -Creating your perfect future,
    -Hypnotic prosperity timeline,
    -How to do things differently and with creativity,
    -Being worthy and deserving of financial abundance,
    -Communicating with the various parts of you,
    -The power of gratitude,
    -Be mentored by your dream inner circle,
    -The hypnotic environment of prosperity,
    -How to be in the state of prosperity and financial abundance,
    -The steps toward real action,
    -How to set your brain to maximum abundance,
    -Discover the unique you,
    -Connecting with the universe and its abundance,
    -How to experience true acceptance,
    -The ability to detox your mind,
    -Programming your mind with the true millionaire mindset.

    Have all that free, on us, I really hope it helps you.

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