The iBeadBPix app is used to make one drop peyote beading patterns from photographs or other .jpg or .png files for import into the iBeadBanners app. From there, you can modify the pattern and then get instructions for beading the pattern. Both apps have help instructions included (touch the ? (question mark) on the initial screen of the apps).

    iBeadBPix uses .jpg or .png files in the iBeadPatterns directory of your tablet. iBeadBPix will create the directory on your first use, if it doesn't already exist The app lets you preview how the picture will look as a beading pattern in iBeadBanners. It also lets you adjust the width of the image, based on its aspect ratio (width and height). The colors in your picture will be matched to the 132 colors in the iBeadBanners app. You can reduce the maximum number of colors in a particular beading pattern to a maximum of 50, 30, 20, or 10 colors. You can create/save the beading pattern in the iBeadPatterns directory, using a file name you pick--with ".ban.txt" appended to the name--such as "mypattern.ban.txt".

    The iBeadBPix app is for converting .jpg or .png files into beading patterns for BANNERS using iBeadBanners.

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