iBhajan-Aaye Navratre

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    Welcome to the spiritual world of soothing bhajans !

    Please Note: -The Audio in this Application is in Hindi Language.
    iPooja pleased to presents Aaye Navratre mobile app designed and recorded specially for the Android OS. Aaye Navratre is a beautiful blend of blissful bhajans which resonate with the loving adoration towards Goddess Mata Vaishno Devi.

    The App consists 8 beautiful and soothing Vaishno Mata bhajans. The app has high quality audio clips for chanting with features like Time Duration of chanting, Number Of Times and Continuous chanting. We have also incorporated "Mala" (This is Hindi language word ) and "Beads" feature by which user can set the counter for beads. When audio reach to end then one Bead is counted and counter is incremented by 1 and when "Beads" counter reach to 108 then one "Mala" get completed. this is a way perfect way of chanting.
    The entire Audio Contents for this App has been created by Saieesh Media Creation which is a Delhi based Media company . Ms. Monika Slathia has sung the bhajans in a serene voice and recitation is made at such a speed that it is very easy to follow and comprehend.

    Music Composed By :- Ramesh Parvana

    Singer :- Monika Slathia

    We hope that you like the App. Please send us your valuable feedback at