Extend your Smartphone, Sense the World. The iCelsius is a temperature probe that turns the Smartphone into a digital thermometer.

    IMPORTANT - Requires separate hardware available from to operate. The app can work in demo mode if no probe is connected.

    Compatible with wireless (Wi-Fi) and Bluetooth iCelsius probes!

    The current app downloaded from the Play store will read temperature, create graphs and set up alerts.

    Please visit our website for more information!

    A stainless steel tip makes it possible to measure and monitoring liquid temperatures such as baby formula, cooking ingredients, wine, tea, household appliances and hundreds of other applications.

    Can also be used in school or for teaching science, for equipment calibration, food quality control, cold chain control.

    The application is constantly improved based on user feedback.


    • Live Display – shows useful temperature data in one shot
    • Graphs – with pan and zoom touch support
    • Alarms – Generate alarms when temperature goes outside a configurable (lower and/or upper) limit.
    • Snapshot Record – Ability to record a single reading, along with title, picture and note.
    • Continuous Record – Ability to continuously record readings as well as to add notes, take a picture and drop a pin on the graph.
    • History – Access all your previous records.
    • Recipes – For cooking and barbeque, choose preset recipe or create your own.

    Find more probes & wireless temperature measurement and remote monitoring devices on our product website and company website website

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