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    Do control the app to be used and the screen in conjunction with the intercom.

    Intercom Assistant, can be done in one shot from the widget settings to use the intercom.
    It is also possible to switch applications that use with Intercom by volume buttons.
    Screen set in consideration of the use of the motorcycle can also be carried out.

    Usage and functions
    - Setting usage conditions -
    + Launch the application and set usage conditions in the service setting item.
    Income Device is mandatory, be sure to set it.
    Start-up application is optional.
    If you are using Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher, please turn on "Apps whdth usage access".
    If you are using Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher, please turn on "Do Not Disturb access".

    + Add widgets to the home screen as necessary.

    - Start the assist function -
    + When starting from an application
    Launch the application and turn on or check the assistance service.

    + When starting from a widget
    Click on the widget.
    A confirmation dialog is displayed, so select Yes.
    (Dialogs can also be hidden)

    Assist function will be run by state or higher, and also waiting for a connection of intercom.
    Connection of intercom is confirmed, it will launch the application you want to use both at once.
    Volume will be changed to intercom for volume at the same time.
    Screen configuration in consideration of use of the motorcycle can also carried out simultaneously with the intercom connection.
    Can perform screen set in consideration of the use of a motorcycle.

    The assist function enters the execution state and waits for intercom device connection.
    When the connection of the intercom device is confirmed, the set application is started up.
    Depending on the setting, the volume for the smart device is changed.

    - End assist function -
    + When exiting from the application
    Launch the application, turn OFF the assist service or uncheck it.

    + When exiting from widget
    Click on the widget.
    A confirmation dialog will be displayed, so select Yes.
    (Dialogs can also be hidden)

    Assist function is ended, Bluetooth is turned OFF (option).
    The smart device volume returns to the state before using the application.

    + Even if the assist function is active, volume change, application startup, application switching will not work during function setting.
    + Depending on the type of intercom device, it may take some time for the volume to change.
    + Applications can not be switched by the volume button until the volume is changed.
    + If application switching by the volume button does not work, please double click on it.
    + Application switching by the volume button will not work if an application (such as camera application) that assigns the volume button to another function is set as the startup application.
    + If Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher has enabled "Bluetooth scanning" with "Location" sttings, you may not be able to correctly determine the intercom device connection.
    + When setting to suppress the consumption of power and memory (activation of suppression application) is being performed, It may not operate normally.
    If you experience the following symptoms, connection not recognized display of notification area does not disappear etc. Please remove this application from subjects of consumption suppression.

    - Regard to switching by PLAY button -
    Operated by double click.
    Depending on the device, quick double click there is a thing to be ignored.
    If this is the case, please click slowly twice within two seconds.
    Does not work during the screen operation.
    From the screen operation is completed, it will take effect after 5 seconds.
    When can not be switched, the icon in the notification area will turn into a thin white.

    Operation verification device

    Supported OS version
    Ver 4.0 or higher

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