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    "See How Easily And Cheap It Is Do
    Turn Your Ordinary House Into A
    Carbon Copy Of A Celebrity"

    Stop Spending All Of Your Money Trying To Make
    Your House Look Elegant. Learn To Decorate
    Like A Celebrity At Only A Fraction Of The Cost

    Dear Friend,

    I opened up a magazine the other day and saw a picture of Faith Hill’s home. The photos were amazing! Her home was amazing! I found myself wondering how I could get the same look in my own home without having to shell out the money she probably did for her professional designer.

    As I sat and looked around my pretty boring living room, I became envious of Mrs. McGraw’s floral couch, her cleverly placed centerpieces, and her tastefully arranged artwork. It made me sad that all I had was a few apples in a Tupperware bowl gracing my yard sale coffee table.

    So I did what anyone would do - I went online and tried to find out how I could decorate just like the stars do. After checking out abut 10,000 Google matches, I gave up and had a sandwich instead.

    Deciding to give it just one more try, I sat down again at my keyboard and asked the Internet how I could decorate like a celebrity. And then I found it! The answers I needed in one convenient place: “Interior Decorating: Decorate Like a Celebrity”.

    Once I Read The First Few Pages of This Book, I Was Hooked!