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    ======= HOME AUTOMATION APP =======
    - Customize entire interface with guiDesigner (free)
    - Control as many networked systems as required (TCP/UDP/HTTP)
    - Logic scripting via powerful JavaScript API
    - Made for integration professionals
    - Supports all Android 2.3+ devices (Also available for iOS)
    - Works with any control system hardware, including our own

    CommandFusion iViewer allows two way remote control of any hardware or software capable of TCP/IP or UDP communications, directly from your Android device (also available for iOS).

    One of the many functions iViewer can be used for is home automation. Control your lights, temperature, AV, security, and much more! iViewer works seamlessly with our own hardware, as well as other systems such as Crestron, AMX, Control4, GlobalCache, basically any hardware can be controlled with iViewer so long as it can be controlled via Ethernet. Just create custom commands and macros to send to the devices via TCP or UDP and the rest is up to your imagination!

    Use our guiDesigner software to customize the interface to suit your needs. Full control over how each page looks and interacts. Assign custom commands to GUI objects to control any device on your network, both locally and remotely. Supports Gestures, Timers, Token assignment, dynamic commands, everything you need for full control over any Ethernet device.

    Parse feedback from any system with our powerful regular expression engine. Show temperatures, volume levels, light levels, etc, from any Ethernet system, right on your iPhone, no Control System required!

    For the professionals, the entire interface and communication engine is scriptable via JavaScript using our API (

    Visit for more information.

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