jAlcoMeter is an app for monitoring your current intoxication state (i.e., your blood alcohol content, BAC), and of your drinking habits in general. jAlcoMeter stores all drinking history and you can browse it later on at your leisure (and wonder whether you remembered to mark all the drinks last night...)

    jAlcoMeter works by allowing you to mark each drink you drink, as you drink it (or later, if you forgot to add it right away). You need to enter some personal information (gender and weight) so that the BAC estimation calculations work correctly.

    You can edit the drink library to suit your needs. You can also select a few favorite drinks that are shown on the main screen, and the drinking menu shows a few of the drinks you've drunk previously for quick access. jAlcoMeter also includes a widget that shows your current intoxication level and that allows you to drink your favourite drinks without firing up the application.

    All drinking data you enter is kept strictly in your phone, in the application's own database, and it is not sent anywhere. The network privileges are used only to show the ads and to buy the license.

    jAlcoMeter is based on the famous (at least, in some circles...) jAlkaMetri monitoring software that was developed (by the same developer) as a Java MIDP application, mainly designed for the Symbian 40 and 60 series Nokia phones. The basic principle is the same, but the Android version is much better.

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