Jinjin: your one-stop shop for loyalty, rewards, and discovery

    Does your back hurt? We aren't doctors, but would guess that this has something to do with that thick wallet full of coupons and paper loyalty cards in your back pocket. Chances are, those coupons and loyalty programs are boring too. Help us help you. Hop in to the wonderful world of Jinjin!

    Main features:

    * Loyalty Card Marketplace
    Discover and join loyalty programs from nearby merchants. Enjoy a different loyalty life experience with exclusive loyalty coupons and point-based rewards.

    * Card Wallet
    Say goodbye to carrying and keeping track of paper loyalty cards. Jinjin's wallet makes it easy and secure to store, organize, and use your loyalty cards.

    * Exclusive Loyalty Member Benefits
    NOT just another coupon, Jinjin loyalty cards provide you with 8 special member privileges, including point rewards, birthday surprise, happy hour, gift certificates and more

    * Jinjin Rewards Mall
    Jinjin rewards you every step of the way. Earn special Jinjin rewards by collecting Jinjin coins for activities such as joining loyalty programs and redeeming offers.

    * Light validation
    Jinjin has seen the light! Move over QR codes - Jinjin unveils an exclusive Light Field Communication (LFC)-based validation. Simply swipe your phone over the Jinjin light to complete your redemption. (*coming soon to select Jinjin merchants)

    Jinjin is a different animal. Hop in and learn why!

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