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    Loyalty cards just got better. And by "better" we mean they are moving to your mobile phone and your wallet is about to get thinner. Have too many loyalty cards? Do you keep missing out on rewards (perx) because you forgot your loyalty card at home? Think you should get better rewards because you go all the time to your favorite business? We think so, too. Get your chops on Jive and never lose a card or your chance to get a loyalty reward again. Don't miss out on a reward every again at one of the many business in the Philippines that use Jive.

    **** PERMISSIONS ****

    Wondering what all those permissions are we ask for and why?

    *Run at startup*

    - This is required by Google Cloud Messaging to send you notifications
    - You're going to want these as merchants will send you exclusive rewards based on your spend history

    *Prevent phone from sleeping*

    - This is also required by Google Cloud Messaging to send you notifications

    *Read call log/read your contacts*

    - We know this one sounds bad, but we only need access in order to send messages to your friends if you ask us to
    - We will never download your contact list and store it on our servers like some other apps have notoriously done

    *Notes When Installing Jive*

    If you ever have to install JIve from a new device and your rewards or chops disappear, it may be that you have accidentally created a new account. Email us at and we'll be happy to help locate and merge your accounts for you.

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