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    About JohnnyBGood (child behavior tracking)
    Encourage positive virtues such as daily chores and sharing and discourage negative behaviors such as laziness, and talking back with JohnnyBGood. JohhnBGood equips parents or educators with an easy to use tool for assigning and tracking tasks and behaviors. Each child earns a score for the week based on how well he or she completed the tasks and behaved. You can use the pre-defined tasks and behaviors or create your own.

    How it works
    JohnnyBGood uses a point system for tracking tasks and behaviors. The points are earned on a daily basis and are used to calculate the score for the week.
    Tasks are the things that children are expected to do on a regular basis, for example tasks might include daily chores, making bed, brushing teeth and doing schoolwork. Weekly tasks might include going to church, collecting dirty laundry, etc. Tasks can be scheduled for any day of or all days the week. Each task has a point value that is awarded to the child for completing the task each time it is due.
    Behaviors are the unplanned things that kids do and can be positive or negative. When your child does something that warrants recognition or reprimand you are just a few seconds away from recording the event and moving on. Behavior points are positive for good behaviors like helping others or sharing, and negative for bad behaviors like talking back or fighting. The behavior points modify the score for the day and for the week to rate the child overall.
    Paper based point systems have long been used to encourage positive behavior in children. The primary challenges with paper based behavior systems is the time required for the manual calculations and destruction or sabotage of publicly displayed charts by difficult or defiant children. With JohhnyBGood for Android, recording task completion and behaviors is takes only a few seconds and the scoring happens automatically.
    Don’t be surprised if your young child starts to get excited about doing their daily tasks just so they can see more stars on their weekly summary page.

    The Lite version of JohnnyBGood is limited to 1 child and 10 daily tasks.

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