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    Technology for the remote control of your Dog. How cool is that ...

    The K9 Trainer "Lite" App is designed to be a FREE training aid for Dogs. Whether it is the family pet, Police K9, Search and Rescue Dog or Service Dogs to help the disabled, the K9 Trainer "Lite" App will allow a Dog Handler to deliver voice commands to a dog from a "remote" location (does not have to be tethered to the dog). If you have a Dog that is trained to respond to voice commands, specific sounds (such as whistles or tones) then the K9 Trainer "Lite" App will allow you to deliver these commands to your Dog by way of a SECOND cell phone attached to a harness that the dog is wearing.

    The K9 Trainer "Lite" App uses the WiFi communications features built into your cell phone to communicate with the second cell phone. Both cell phones do NOT have to be of the same brand or model. The phones will communicate with each other through a WiFi Access Point (Router/Hotspot). The "range" of your coverage will depend on the type and model of your cell phone, the power of your WiFi Hotspot and other environmental conditions. Typically, you should expect a range of 150 ft (50m) which is sufficient for most training exercises around your home or backyard.

    For the more adventurous types we can even show you how to combine wifi capability with cellular capability and your coverage now extends around the world. Imagine being on vacation in London, UK and send commands to your dog that is sitting on the couch, at your home, in Boise, Idaho USA. We think that is pretty cool ...

    - Send commands to your dog across the room or across the world
    - Ability to create a Library of commands for your dog
    - Store several different Profiles for the same dog
    - Store Profiles of many dogs on the same phone
    - Works on phones WITHOUT a SIM Card
    - Transfer Dog Profiles from one phone to another
    - Record and Edit voice commands for your Dog
    - Includes a "vibration" feature that helps get the dogs attention during training
    - User adjustable scrolling list of commands
    - Remotely adjust volume of voice commands your dog will hear
    - Voice commands can be in any language or dialect
    - Connect via WiFi Local Area Network (LAN) using local router
    - Connect via Cellular to Wifi Local Area Network (LAN), Client to Dog
    - Connect via DHCP, Static IP, port forwarding or NAT Networks
    - Online Tutorials, Videos and Instruction Guides
    - Use with commercial harness or Do-It-Yourself phone pouch

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