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    Dawg popungkatok (kakaohtok) lays stress will be terror. ※ Note: kakaohtok application must be installed. = Function = 1. The maximum capacity at once, send a dog frantically copying and sending kkwakchaewo (Cool) 2. Copy and send as many as a fixed (dont gentlemanly play) = those who do this, when you do this, use = 1. I'd give anything to bring back rent when important collectors (my Pororo Dolls Give it to me, pay the value of cigarettes, five hundred won reward, Pokemon Cards Gimme Gimme my pants, etc.) 2. Put me without answering it strange when people in his place.. 3. To meet a boyfriend or a'm like billiard anohgo Bad Guy is a charming and sweet she likes me more Billiards gateulttae ㅠ 4. I sincerely apologize to your friends, because when angry ("Ha ha ha ha ha haha ​​sorry ㅋ Hihi ^ _ ^-ho-ho-ho to rolrol 'crazy with the contents copied and sent katokeul kkwakchaewobonaegi function. Utneuneolgul motbaeteum in the saliva), 5. Tell your friends favorite katokeul limbs shrivel shrivel so I think I've sent you like michilgeo car lift wrote the article before you can not read with terror flick made sipeulttae = discard = 1 The advantage of this application. There are 2. Sonjoyi (sonjoy) president earns money. (Sonjoyi President beonmankeum sseuni your money work for your company to make money without getting fired from the company allows you to continue working: a good sister, a good brother-in-law, kkwongmeokgo dalmeokgo Sam, you've got nothing to lose reverse, let's put off the fire). jade ※ to Goku two refresher save the planet as your chi sonjoyihoejangyi collect your money district myeotbaekwonssik sense that peace suikgeumjung part of this application to the development of the Republic of Korea, the sports industry to contribute a little pool of developers cost is used. (Four 120 schnauzer ... but three managed to come to mayikyu jalchim Cheongdamdong possible war, jukppangeun real face instead of a bunch ... the money ... I'll be right instead of the right jukppangeuro ... jjangkke naegina do the heotsorigo ㅋ) B, Q protest, anus, hair removal, Letters, Warrior's Battle of the keyboard kakaohtok: sonjoy Email:

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