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    Keep the Promise for New York
    - 9:00 for work, 12 City Hall, Seoul promised a few leaves at 7:00 am I going to do?
    - I promise to send letters to a friend Find a location.

    1. Purpose
    - In any location, do not be late for a meeting place and departure time is known in advance that App.
    - From the current location of the appointment to the position of the shortest path to navigate to and then automatically calculates the time, you need to go to the meeting place and time will tell the fast path.
    - A simple Appointment (schedule) can be conveniently used to register.
    - If you use the metro metropolitan area, Daejeon, Daegu, Busan, Gwangju region is only available.
    - Give them a fast path to the destination is convenient.
    - The destination location using the map to view it is easy to find.
    - Current location, destination, location, and text messages sent to search can help you easily meet.

    2. How to use
    - Place and time schedules, etc. are registered.
    - Destination Search Map Search Search and underground support.
    - Location of origin is always present.
    - Make sure the path to the rendezvous point.
    - To remove the alarm from the alarm, select Edit / Cancel, or an alarm button on the main screen to select.
    - App will terminate.

    3. Preferences
    - From the main screen, select Settings.
    - The usual walking speed, driving habits and the alarm settings to suit the style you want to select.
    - Preference will change depending on the search path and time.

    4. Notices.
    - The current location information to enhance the network information from carriers and the GPS information is available.
    - The current location information is not stored in the terminal.
    - GPS reception should not use the information if the network automatically.
    - Network access to the information may not be accurate if the current location, so you must see.
    - Depending on traffic conditions, location of the appointment offer from time-to-App may take longer than the time.

    5. Planning future support.
    - Bus transfer path finding supports a variety of additional information.
    - Add your own path.

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