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    Published: 2012-04-17, by .

    Set the timer and enjoy your time while your meal is cooked

    • Helpful
    • Works well, good design
    • Preset timings
    • Can work in other contexts
    • It's basically a timer

    "Your best friend in the kitchen"

    Kitchenmate Timer is a useful tool, a timer that is created with the purpose of making your cooking easier. Kitchenmate Timer allows you to set several alarms, one for each dish you're cooking and walk out of the kitchen to do whatever you want, like watch tv, read a book, do some exercise or anything really.

    The timer will notify you when the time has passed -you can also record a voice message to play as a notification- and you will know when to go back to the kitchen. The app lets you set several alarms and even mark some of them as preset, like: fish, pasta or other.

    The design is really clean and the usability is great, it's easy to use and we haven't experience any problems. Of course, it's not really that complex and you could also use your mobile timer to set the alarms, but this one provides the extra feature of preset dishes.

    hsenid Software International (Pvt) Ltd is the developer of Kitchenmate Timer, an alarm application that's best used when cooking, but you can also make it work when doing other stuff. Helpful and clean.

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    Apr 17, 2012


    What if you could confidently walk out of the kitchen, while the chicken is being grilled?

    Yeah that would be awesome. I could watch my favourite TV series, do some laundry or get on Facebook.
    Be the CHEF you always dreamed!

    Kitchenmate Timer is the ideal Kitchen Timer for your busy life. Setup multiple timers with Kitchenmate Timer, whether your dish is on the gas stove, oven or the grill. When a timer expires your phone will notify you that a dish is done.

    Kitchenmate Timer brings a whole new experience using a kitchen timer, which will ease your life while cooking.

    > Features - Exclusively on Pro Version

    # Recipe Box
    Baking a cake might have one timer, but if you are a serious chef with very complex recipe card you will probably need more than one timer for a dish. What if you could store these timers under a recipe name and use them whenever you need them. Yeah! You can do that with our new recipe box. Recipe box will allow you to create multiple timers and store them under a recipe name.

    With recipe box you can:
    - Create recipes with multiple timers.
    - Set ingredient name and cooking method for each timer inside a recipe.
    - Activate all the timers for a recipe with one click.
    - Modify or delete each recipe timer inside the recipe box.

    # Grouped Timers
    What if you want to remove all the timers of a specific recipe or reset a preset from active timers in the home screen? The all new Kitchenmate Timer PRO packed up with easy to intract user interface. In the new interface active timers will be grouped into categories so you can efficiently manage your timers without further ado.

    # No Ads :)
    Kitchenmate Timer PRO comes with Ads free enviornment.

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