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    This app is used to lock screen of android cell phone and tablets. With this app, your cell phone and tablet will have a red door in the lock screen, knock at the door to unlock screen.

    - This app provides a door for your cell phone and tablet
    - Knocking door to unlock screen
    - You will have sound and vibration effects in this app
    - Date and time display
    - Easy and simple to use
    - Suit for android system only

    Usage instructions
    1. Lock screen by the power key of your mobile device
    2. Press to show the lock screen
    3. Knocking at the door on its left side to unlock screen

    Locker switch
    In the top side of the settings there is switch for this locker, enable it and you can use this app to lock/unlock screen by this app.
    Ringtone and vibration
    They are effects for this app, with which you will hear the sound and feel the vibration from your cell phone and tablet when you unlocked screen.
    In other words, they are used to remind you the screen is unlocked.
    Lock screen mode
    You can choose from full screen mode and status bar mode, and there are some differences between them.
    To be simple, the full screen mode will give a beautiful interface for the lock screen with red door, and status bar mode will show you the notification bar of your android device, and you can open the notification bar from the lock screen directly.
    Shortcut key
    It is the other way to unlock screen, long press the search button of your cell phone and/or tablet. It must be helpful when you want to use your cell phone at once! And you still can knock at the door to unlock screen with this function is open.

    A door is an opening/closing structure used to block off an entrance, typically consisting of an interior side which faces the inside of a space and an exterior side that faces the outside of that space.

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