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    Be a Mobile Missionary & Use Your Mobile Phone to Reach Hondurans!

    1Nation1Day is a "Language Centric" Kolo App which provides access to audio and video media resources in the 4 languages of Honduras.

    The buttons across the bottom of the screen each serve a different functions.

    Online: When connected to the Internet, 1N1D helps you identify the name of the language by listening to audio clips of each language. Select a language and 1N1D will retrieve videos from the Jesus Film Media catalog, along with available audio Bibles from These can either be viewed and listened to by live streaming, or downloaded to the smartphone to build a personal Library or Playlist for off-line viewing. Caution: be sure that free data services or a cost effective data plan is in place from your network provider to minimize charges.

    On this app you will find:

    JESUS with 61 clips: overview of Jesus’ life, ministry, death and resurrection from Luke

    Magdalena with 7 clips: story of Jesus specifically interacting with women

    Story of Jesus for Children: story of Jesus narrated by a group of children

    7 Days with Jesus Grace: 7 segments from JESUS that can be used to learn about Grace

    Rivka: 12 episode follow up mini-series that depicts people living out their faith in the 1st century.

    My Last Day: an anime short film that gives an eyewitness account to Christ’s sacrificial death.

    Cabernet: a short film that has spiritual themes about giving up something for someone else.

    Coffee Shop: a short film that depicts a two women in a coffee shop where one woman comes to faith in Jesus.

    Don’t Hold Your Breath: a short film that helps others understand living the Christian life.

    La Busqueda: a short film about a man who continues to pursue his daughter, even while she makes poor decision.

    La Liberte: a short film about a man who is given a way out of imprisonment.

    Venia: a powerful short film about forgiveness.

    Library: Short video “clips” and “episodes” are available for many of the videos along with the full-length videos. The video files and audio Bible chapters may be downloaded to the Library for later use at no charge. When selecting videos the “Download to Library” button videos will store videos by language in alphabetical order in the smartphone Library. Audio Bible chapters may be downloaded and stored separately in the Library by touching the green arrow.

    Playlist: When a video or audio file is downloaded, it is stored in Playlist where videos and audio files are mixed together in the order they were downloaded. The files can be individually ordered by dragging them up or down to create a Playlist. It may be helpful to put the most used files at the top of the list.


    JESUS Film Clip: The Beginning-gives an overview of the Old Testament and why Jesus came to the world.

    JESUS Film Clip: Jesus Brings Jairus’ Daughter Back to Life-shows Jesus’ power over even death and his compassion.

    Audio Bible: Luke 7-Jesus performs miracles and Jesus and John the Baptist

    My Last Day Clip: An anime short film that shows Christ’s death on the cross. Note this film is graphic.

    JESUS Film Clip: Invitation to Know Jesus Personally-gives an invitation to know Jesus.

    Demo: By clicking the demo button at the bottom of the app, you can quickly see how to use this app.


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