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    Konkoit Birding Application

    The Konkoit Birding App is a tool for birdwatchers to record and share their bird sightings and experiences and to access sightings, photographs, sounds and information uploaded by other birders. The Konkoit Mobile Application links to the Konkoit website at

    Konkoit is ideal for all birders, the incidental backyard birder, the compulsive twicher travelling around the globe and everyone in-between.

    Record and manage all your bird observations

    In order to build their own personal life list, birders often note the first time they see a new type of bird. This approach is messy as notes gets lost and it is difficult to keep track of more than one list, for example for different years or different places. The Konkoit Birding App makes the recording of multiple, regular sightings quick and easy. Your phone becomes your bird recording device, always within easy reach, allowing you to record your sightings and download these to the internet with minimal effort. Information is then safely stored at where it can be viewed, edited and again exported in various formats.

    As the sightings recorded with the Konkoit Birding App are linked to a particular time and GPS location, Konkoit can be used to set up and view your global life list or lists for specific locations or specific time periods.

    Personalise your Konkoit Birding App

    The Konkoit Birding App firstly allows you to filter the global list of birds according to the region or country that you are birding in. In addition, you can further limit the bird list shown in your Konkoit Birding App to only show birds occurring at your current location.

    The App can highlight your current lifelist, that is all the bird species previously recorded by you. You can thus see at a glance which birds to target to grow your lifelist.

    Access Bird information

    The Konkoit Mobile Application and website allows you to access information on each of the around 10 500 surviving species of bird. The Konkoit Birding App filters the global specie list by country or region so that you only see the birds relevant to you.

    A distribution map is provided for each specie and the App shows the best photos per bird specie as uploaded and rated by the members of Konkoit. Sounds for a large number of bird species are also available on the application.

    You are also able to look at all sightings logged on Konkoit for any type of bird. Specifically, the most recent sightings made by other Konkoit users will be viewable via the Konkoit Mobile Application. Using Konkoit, you will then also be able to identify other birdwatchers active in your area.


    It is free to be a casual member of Konkoit and the download of the application is free. Casual membership gives you access to all the information and functionality of Konkoit, except that the number of observations that you can record in any given month is limited. Money earned from advanced membership funds the further expansion and improvement of the website.

    You can either register to be a member at, using the simple registration form provided, or you can register directly using the Konkoit Mobile Application.


    Please e-mail us at with any comments or questions.

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