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    Learn to make Sushi

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    **Eating sushi has become the new Russian roulette.**

    In Japanese culture, sushi is considered to be an art form because its appearance is just as important as how it tastes. Chefs from different regions of Japan roll it and arrange it on the plate according to their own styles, and they spend years learning the craft of sushi-making.

    ** What is Sushi ?

    ** learn to make sushi)

    ** sushi recipes

    ** Sushi Rice recipe p-1

    ** Vegetarian Sushi recipe

    ** Shrimp Sushi recipe

    ** Spicy Tuna Roll recipe

    ** Philadelphia Sushi Roll recipe

    ** Fresh Tuna Sushi recipe

    ** Fruit Sushi recipe

    ** Sushi Pancakes recipe

    ** Sushi guide to make recipes
    ** Learn Sushi Chop

    ** Use sushi with fish

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