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    Searching for an oasis in the desert, like the people
    You do not need to find something in the dark wander ~
    Easy Night Lamp Cos ~

    I'm Easy Night Lamp LED flashlight in addition to colorful lighting display features.

    Easy Night Lamp!
    1 It's easy! UI has
    2 Neat it! Design and color
    3 Immediately turned on! LED flash any circumstances to be able to cope quickly ttwat!
    4 SOS mode! When, where, and any circumstances that may arise. So I was ready to
    5 LED flash, and a variety of other colors and designs of lighting indicator.

    When Do you even'm Have you used IMHO when
    Camping and hiking or overnight in the dark space when you need to find a way
    - Find things in the dark when
    - Turn off the lights in the room when you walk into the bed
    - Scary when the lights off in the room to sleep
    - When there is a sudden power outage
    -Vehicle accident occurred when
    - Soft lighting when needed
    Other emergency situations when
    Embarrassed in these situations not to! I'm fairly wise. We ~

    And bottom of the image, depending on the type of mobile devices may differ, so do not feel embarrassed to

    Easy Night Lamp All rights Ltd.'s Revolution in
    Unauthorized distribution and replication, there may be adverse legal consequences if I need to be careful

    * Easy Night Lamp addition to a variety of apps, so I'm begging you.
    ※ If you have any inconveniences or suggestions of using Please send me
    Our precious App Revolution is updated frequently treasured Please doeohni
    Our Revolution is more fun and I'll find you beneficial App. Promise ~

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