Lickety Split

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    Tired of nagging your kids to get ready? Asking them 10 times to put away their toys?

    The Lickety Split Musical Timer turns daily tasks into a fun, beat-the-clock game. Accelerating classical music encourages dawdling kids to get going, while an animated hourglass counts down. The abstract concept of time becomes tangible for kids.

    The timer uses encouragement and the power of music to motivate children as they move through daily transitions. So, instead of nagging, grown-ups are free to champion their kids!

    Developed by parents and educational technologists. Perfect for preschoolers, early elementary schoolers, and their grown-ups.

    Musical timers include:
    * Ready to leave the house in 5 minutes
    * Getting dressed
    * Getting ready for a meal
    * Cleaning one's room
    * Making one's bed
    * Brushing teeth (for a full two minutes)
    * Taking turns

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