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    Are you in danger or in a situation where you feel you will be in danger? Life Rescue is a FREE app that can be set to ask for help or assistance if you become incapacitated, unconscious or held victim by another person. Avoid being a victim, be prepared to get help from somebody.

    This app is designed to send pre-set distress message to your parent, guardian, close friend, mate or anybody that you think will respond with your distress message. The distress message will contain your prepared message and optionally added your geo-location from Google service. If you will meet with somebody, the name of the person, meeting place and person’s number will be also included in the distress message if set.

    What if you have been kidnapped and the phone is still in your pocket or in your bag? Depending on your “resend” setting, the phone will continue to send distress message with your present location using cell triangulation or GPS if available.

    Some possible use :
    - meeting a stranger in an environment where immediate help may not be available
    - walking in a dangerous road and expecting to be home at specific time period
    - doing dangerous task with possibility of accident specially for older persons
    - alone and not feeling well or sick
    - on the job and entering a dangerous work environment such as task that needs a lookout. Don’t put your life in your lookout’s hand alone.

    It has the following features
    - Change background image to make monitoring unsuspicious.
    - Change button that suit your environment or even make it invisible. With this, your screen might be like plain colorful background.
    - Since we don’t want to get the attention of anybody, vibrate mode may be set to suit your situation or not use vibrate service at all.


    1. On the Settings (press Settings on the Menu), set the Ask Interval or monitoring time interval. This interval is the time that you expect that you are safe. At the end of this time interval, you will be asked if you are still OK or safe.
    2. Next set the “Notify After” time interval. This is the time window for you to respond if you are still OK. If no response at the end of this time interval, the distress message will be sent.
    3. Next set your distress message recipient’s “Contact Number”. You may set up to three recipients. Enter the mobile number in a format like when you send them ordinary messages without dash, parenthesis or other symbols included.
    4. Next tailor your distress message then SAVE your settings by pressing the save button. This button is located below and you may need to scroll to the view at the bottom.

    After this, you are now ready to use the app.

    OPTIONALLY, you may also set
    - If meeting with somebody, and if the information is available, set the name, contact number and the meeting place. This data will be included in the distress message.
    - If you think that you may be in danger for a long period of time, you may want to send several distress message on specific time interval. This is specially helpful if you are abducted and in a moving .
    - Change duration of vibration or disable vibration.
    - Change main view background and the button type to suit the situation.


    1. After setting the required information (Ask Interval, Notify After, Contact 1 and Distress Message), press “Start” button.
    2. If asked about your status, press the “OK” button.
    3. If in imminent danger, you can use “Send Now” on the option menu. This will immediately send your distress message.
    4. If everything went well, you may now press the “Stop” button.


    On the option menu, press “Summary” to check your phone status. It is important that your phone have enough battery charge and carrier connectivity. You may confirm your connectivity by sending test message.

    Disclaimer: This app is not a substitute for good judgment of the situation and avoiding danger is still the best way to keep us safe.

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